Saturday, 18 September 2010

Adding a Resource

This lesson explores the various Resource options available. These include adding a text page, adding a web page, linking to a file or resource and adding a label.

Where to go


Adding a Resource is a simple operation.

1. Go to your course that you teach on
2. Click the 'Add a Resouce...' drop down menu.

You can find out more information about the Resource types by clicking the ? icon.

Choosing a Resource


You can now choose one of the numerous Resources available.

1. Book. Creates a Book-type format, with Chapters. Users can 'turn' pages.
2. Insert a label. Allows you to add text and images amongst other course content.
3. Compose a text page. Creates a page of text (no images or formatting).
4. Composing a web page. A more advanced text page, with HTML coding (e.g. YouTube), web links, formatting etc.
5. Link to a file or website. Hopefully self-explanatory, it allows you to upload a file (e.g. a sample pack) that students can download, or links directly to a webite.
6. Display a directory. An excellent tool if you are working with lots of files.
7. IMS content package. Not needed.
8. MrCute Jr. For searching and sharing resources.

Simply select the Resource you want to use and proceed to the next step.

Further tutorials can be found on each of the available Resources.

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