Saturday, 18 September 2010

Making a course with Collapsed Topics/Weeks

This lesson will guide you through how to edit and manage a course using the Collapsed format (weeks and topics).

It assumes you have chosen Collapsible Topics/Weeks in the Course Format under the main course Settings.

Turn Editing On


Click Turn Editing On in the top right-hand corner.

Click on one of the Topics/Weeks


Edit the Topic


Click on the pencil icon to edit the Topic name. Weeks are automatically named (determined by the start date in the course settings).

Enter your Title and Save


Your title appears!


Add a Label


Now click on Add a Resource... and choose 'Insert a Label'

Enter your label text


You can now type in your content into the label. If you find the window is too small, click on the expand window icon (circled in red).

Using the Expanded window


The bigger window now gives you more room to enter your content.



Here it is!


The text has now appeared in the label! However the title is a bit squashed. We can fix that.

Using Heading format


Edit the label (click on the pencil) and highlight your title text. Now choose a different Heading option. Each Heading has a different look and feel. Also set the font size to something suitable.

Much better!


Now the title is less squashed and looks a lot better.

Moving topics can sometimes be awkward in Firefox, however the move arrows do appear in Safari and Chrome. You may want to switch between browsers but if you're using Firefox, this is the easiest way to do it.

Click Settings


Change the Format to Topics Format and Save


You can now move the sections around


If you do not see the crosshairs, you may see two black arrows which, when clicked, allow you to move the sections to your desired area.

Once you've done this, change the Settings back to Collapsible Topics/Weeks and you're good to go!


Mr B said...

Good guide :) - I've now hopefully fixed the moving of sections etc. Please download and install the latest versions from

[sic] said...


Thanks for the comment :) We haven't moved to Moodle 2 yet (we are this year) but we'll defo be using this Course Format. Cheers!